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Small friendly team

Learn a new language from the experts

G7 English offers online and offline classes for learning English.

Our Courses

We offer a wide range of courses for all ages.

  • Little Star - 学前班,适合4岁儿童
  • Bright Star - 适合7岁儿童
  • Adult - 成人英语 · 英语课程-经典英语
  • VIP

Little star is suitable for young children, helping them develop language skills, building confidence and not being afraid to communicate with foreigners alone. The courses includes simple words and sentences such as: colour, family member's, greeting terms, etc. The course also includes some of the natural spelling instruction. " Start today by rejecting all false pronunciations, stop letting your child work in the wrong direction and establish a correct learning framework

  • No English foundation required.
  • Student test before starting.
  • Was created based on years of experience

Suitable for children between 7 and 15. These courses combines the main learning points from public and international school books, so that students can strengthen there English, but also on this basis, broaden the field of learning, in-depth study of the international school's English knowledge " This series focuses on students' oral and listening training.

  • To improve students' listening and reading.
  • Some natural spelling is included in the course.
  • Student test before starting.
  • Course based on years of teaching experience.

Adults courses for all levels avaiable including business English and travel English. Selection of teaching materials including Cambridge International English, G7 travel books, business English books and marketing books. During online classes the foreign teacher will help correct your grammer and answer questions you make have. You can study at your own speed and use our APP to review lessons.

  • European and UK foreign teachers;
  • Can book a class 24/7;
  • English evaluation before course commences;
  • Regular feedback on course progresion

VIP classes are design to be as flexible as possible. Some students want to learn a specific words for work and other students plan to study overseas and want practice using foreign teaching books. " We can design a program to met your exact requirements.

  • Customised learning program
  • One to One
  • We can import books from overseas
  • Regular updates on progress

Some of our Team Members

All our teachers hold a minimum of a BA Degree and over 2 years experiance teaching or TEFL certificate.

  • Richard








  • Pam
















Online System

Our online system has many advanced features to help students practice English.

01 Log into our system

Our hub to learning

Students have the opportunity to review the lesson, watch videos of the lessons and take tests and assessments.

02 Activities

Interactive learning

The app gives students reading materials and games to play, including audio dubbing to help encourage students to learn English.

03 Live online class

Just like face to face

You can see the teacher and interact with them just like you would do inside a classroom. Teachers also make PPT's to enhance the class experiance.

What Our Parents Say

Classes are fun and makes kids happy.

Parents Love Us

Ethan always likes the online classes as it gives him a chance to practice his English without leaving home. The teachers are always freindly and he misses them the days he does not have class.

Our G7 Team at work

Before opening online classes G7 English were running English Centres for over 8 years in China.

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